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Tonight’s show on Natural Co-Creators – Thursday 28th August at 8pm


Next week I have the pleasure of talking to Melanie Sara Barugh from Vital Holistics about Hypno-birthing.

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Intuitive Tuesday’s Show with Violet Vibrations


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Last night’s show on Blog Talk Radio – Angels!

More Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Jennifer Lynch on BlogTalkRadio


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Universal Magazine Issue 4 – my article Archangel Uriel!


Picture by Helen Manville angel artist

Plus a huge feature on our magical retreat in Kefalonia in September.

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My recent interview with Alicia Mary Smith – fab interview!

Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Jennifer Lynch on BlogTalkRadio
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The Natural Co-Creators Show – Bernadette Darnell talking about her fabulous retreats in Kefalonia

Current Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Jennifer Lynch on BlogTalkRadio
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Good Morning

What a great day it is today in Suffolk, the sun is out and I can see many butterflies on my Buddleia which is outside my window. I’m not sure if plants get a capital letter but when they are that great, they deserve it. Thanks to everyone who is reading my blog. I’m creating a great platform for everyone here on Natural Co-Creators for us to consciously create a new way of communicating. Inspiration leads to success provided we keep our ideas ethical and in alignment with our true or authentic selves. So if you have a great business which is helping others or the environment as a whole, please get in touch, through the contact here on Natural Co-Creators, or via my facebook or twitter. The world wants to hear from you with your own unique contribution to the overall picture. Having an interview works really well as it can be shared in your social media and you have an audio to send people to so they can listen. Listening has a lot more impact that an advertisement which we often scan over and then forget about. Whereas listening resonates with us on a more one to one or personal level. If it is something that can be played again, when you have made a gap or space in your life to really listen, that is even better. We all lead busy lives and the beauty of internet radio is that you can listen to what you want when you want.

I love butterflies, they always look so busy and sometimes like us they have to spread their wings. Taking the first step and believing in you is often the hardest thing. All of my guests have enjoyed being on my shows and found it fun! I love the diversity of the people I have on. You may not resonate with everything that my guests have to say but then again we are all of part of life’s sweet tapestry and just because someone doesn’t agree, it doesn’t mean the information is not valid. Our truth is our truth and we should all have the equal opportunity to be just us.

If you haven’t managed to look at my books yet, they are on Amazon, The Silver Lining, Liberty Angel and We Hear You Angels, currently Skin Deep is having a re-write which is taking longer than expected due to the success of Natural Co-Creators. As an author I am very keen to interview authors about their interesting books and I love helping them get that information out there. I’m also keen to promote artists and musicians, if you haven’t listened to the incredible James Radcliffe yet, please listen to his interview here on my blog or go to his own blog or you tube River, you will be amazed. Great guests coming, a couple of amazing lady authors and an amazing man about his new health product. So lots of inspiration about to unfold which is very exciting.

Thank you butterflies, you give me inspiration.

Jennifer Lynch
Author, Radio Show Host, Holistic Therapist, Counsellor.

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The Fabulous Three #3, Duncan Bannatyne, Chris Gardner and Les Brown!

What a fabulous time I had yesterday going to listen to what I call the fabulous three #3 at the ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre yesterday Saturday 5th July. It was a very early start for me travelling from Suffolk, up at 4.30 and leaving the train from Stowmarket at 5.30. However, the experience was amazing. There were many great speakers and I’m not going to list them all. There were also many opportunities to train under these phenominal speakers for heavily reduced rates. Fortunately I had acquired a free silver ticket (when they were officially sold out) so all I can say is that I was meant to go. I also met up with the very talented Esther Austin who also runs a radio show called Qarma Broadcast. Esther was on the Natural Co-Creators show last week and you can either hear her interview on this blog or go to my show on Blog Talk Radio.

I will soon be starting Intuitive Tuesdays which will be great where I will be interviewing many intuitives and having call in for these shows. Thursdays is going to be artist and musicians day promoting upcoming gigs and authors can either be on Intuitive Tuesdays or Thrills on a Thursday, I’m not sure what I am going to call it Thursday yet – maybe thank funk its Thursday, please message me your ideas, the winner will be announced on a Thursday with a chance for a free advert for their business. Speaking of adverts, if anyone is interested in having an advertisement on the Natural Co-Creators Show please let me know. I can record it and ad some intro music. So let me know asap about this – advertisements start from £50 a month where you will be mentioned on all my shows for one month.

Right back to the millionaires. I was fascinated to find out about how Duncan started his successful entrepreneurial skills selling ice cream in Middlesborough and later he invested in Nursing Homes, both of which must have been enormously challenging. I loved Les Brown’s enthusiasm and his ‘go get it attitude’. I state in my books that my own father was an advocate of ‘you make your life.’ Some people are staying that this is the essential missing ingredient from ‘The Secret’. However I would dispute this, I think that is is extremely important to hold your vision as well as making it happen both are important. I learned so much yesterday from these guys. One thing was that money does make you happy, as all three of them were but on another account. whatever the state of the economy, whether we are in a triple dip recession, 2% up, bankrupt, broke or anything else, that health is King. We can have all the money and the top doctors but if someone gets an illness you can’t beat, it means little. Is this the true meaning of money doesn’t make you happy? I guess in a way it is. Because saying money is power, to me is false. It is you that has the power – we choose our own happiness through attitude and acceptance. Sometimes that acceptance feels as if it comes at a price.

So when I was coming back on the train to Suffolk happy after such a fabulous adventure and pleased that I met Esther and her friends and I was able to upgrade from a Silver to a Gold Ticket, a part of me felt like Charlie in his chocolate factory but part of me wanted to get out of the big glass elevator and put my feet firmly on planet earth. I walked out this morning onto my damp rained on lawn and fed my chickens. I love travel and adventures but I also love to come home!

Natural Co-Creators is about co-creation
I’m looking for guest blogs
Interviewees with inspiring ideas
Donations to keep my show on the road!

Thanks you
Jennifer Lynch
Author, Therapist, Writer and Entrepeneur

Natural Co-Creators
Co-creating ethical and successful businesses.

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We often get so caught up in our ‘heads’ that we forget the importance of focus. It’s easy to become embroiled with life’s demands and forget to take time away to just be ourselves, to observe or simp…ly to ‘switch off’ from external pressures.

This week we are going to excel at being present!

To start with let us look at some ways that prevent us from living in the moment:

• Slave to our laptops
• Heads bowed in honour to our mobile phones
• Television and radios continuously on
• Gossip and endless chatter
• External demands and internal pressures

Mindfulness isn’t a new concept, it dates back some 3500 years. But more than ever it’s becoming essential for well being and health. It’s not about filling your mind with nonsense and clutter, it is about present-moment awareness.

So how can we achieve this?

Firstly, let us make sure we understand the importance of mindfulness. It’s not simply taking time for ourselves, although the benefits of such can’t be overstated. It is developing a new skill that encourages focus, wakefulness and non-judgments of self and others. It’s a great way to increase concentration levels and working memory whilst reducing the time we spend mulling over past conversations and events and the draining effects it can have on us.

• Meditate by focusing on your breath or a candle. Every time your mind wanders bring it gently back to focus.
• Mindful reading – concentrate on the words and sentences but remain aware of when your mind wanders.
• Breathe more slowly – using the diaphragm and do belly breaths.
• Only think about what you are doing right now, if other thoughts creep in send them away.
• Narrow your attention down to specific feelings and sensations that are going on in the body.
• Walking meditation – let your attention rest on feeling the body whilst walking; be aware of the sensation and the colours, sounds and smells around you.

Don’t expect to do these for more than a few minutes to start with, but as you develop the skill the time will naturally increase.

Jane Terris is a therapist and author of ‘Up to Me’ and ‘Perfect Choice’ written under her pseudonym of Mary Ancillette. Follow her on facebook – Jane Terris Reverse Therapy or Mary Ancillette.


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The Natural Co-Creators show 26th June – Jennifer talks with Esther Austin about personal transformation.

At 8 pm today I will be talking to Esther Austin, the fantastic 60 second soul liberator, author and personal transformation coach.

“This week on the Natural Co-Creators Show Jennifer talks to Esther Austin (the 60 second soul liberator) about her Personal Transformation and Empowerment organisation which comprises of Qarma Broadcast, Qarma Therapies and Qarma Psychics. Esther is also a Radio Show Presenter and Author.”


Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Jennifer Lynch on BlogTalkRadio

Esther comes in around 15 mins after a few technical hitches but well worth a listen as great information.


Angelshearyounewcover copy

Universal Magazine

I am really fortunate in having my angel articles and book We Hear You Angels Featured in this book.

It is a fabulous magazine so please take a look.  I am hoping to have Samantha Yates on The Natural Co-Creators Show.

She’s extremely busy but I will keep you posted.

Link to We Hear You Angels


currently free on Amazon Kindle!

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The Natural Co-Creators Show – Jennifer talks to James Radcliffe musician about his album ‘I’

This interview was previously on my show on

www.naturalhealthradio.co.uk now on soundcloud below:-

Jennifer talks to James Radcliffe, musician, singer, performer and writer about his recently
released album ‘I’.


James’ music is truly inspirational. In my view, it’s multi dimensional and unified. It will speak to you
in many ways, being both diverse in content and ground breaking. To me, it is an art form or poetry with a strong
sense of connecting to the elemental. Seize the opportunity to listen to James as he explains why and how
he wrote this music which came from a year of very focused hard work! I think you will find it very different.
James’ voice reaches frequencies of sound which vibrate within your being. The album I would describe as world music.

James explains how he feels daily meditation helps him with his creativity – being in the
flow, is essential as the air that we breathe!

“My music is centered around the ecstatic freedom of the present moment. Around the experience that takes us out of time. When I sing or play, my goal is to get to that state as quickly as possible and then let it express itself thru me.” James Radcliffe



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Conscious musings into the new world – Alexis Brooks

Great information here in this interview with Lilou Mace and Alexis Brooks

I watched Lilou right from the beginning so I find her journey very interesting!

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Guest Blog by Vikki Lightweaver

13 Lucky or unlucky ?
There has always been much speculation about the number 13. Many believe it to be an unlucky number to the point where we have buildings with no thirteenth floor (obviously it is there but numbered differently) and hotels who do not have the number 13 as a room number. This is believed to come from the story of the last supper where 13 people sat down to eat before the Christ was crucified. It is thought by some that for 13 people to sit together is therefore unlucky.
However the Ancients believed 13 to be a powerful number and taught that he who understands the number 13 would have great power.  For me personally 13 is a lucky day as this is the day my beautiful daughter was born.

As a Numerologist I look at the numbers individually. 1 represents new beginnings, a fresh start and an ability to rise to new heights. 3 is the number of creative energy, of manifestation and of life and love and the dance of life. Therefore 13 represents an opportunity to rise above the problems of the past and truly begin to create a new exciting future. When we add the two numbers together and reduce to a single digit we get 4 which is traditionally the number of grounding and of earth and of order and structure and so enables us to bring the energy of 13 to an earthly level to be used in a practical way.13 is the represented in the Tarot as a skeleton wielding a scythe or Death which in Tarot represents endings and beginnings. Closing the door on the old to make room for the new.

This is a powerful number which carries intense vibrational energy which if used in the wrong way could have a detrimental effect on the person. The secret to working with the energy of this number is to accept change gracefully. It often brings upheaval so that new ground may be broken and is also associated with high intellect or genius.
If this is the number of your day of birth then you may find that you have a strong karmic connection to the people who are close to you. You may have chosen to be here at this time in order to help someone to fulfill their karmic journey. If this is the case then any day which reduces to 4 ( i.e. 13, 31, 22 ) should provide additional energy and opportunities to help you on your path

Vikki Fosdal (Lightweaver)


Vikki on the Natural Co-Creators Show



DON’T FORGET to go and visit my show on Thursday as it will be a fantastic show

Follow link for details

The Natural Co-Creators Show



Where co-creating becomes fun!

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Psychic/Spiritual Awareness Retreat Kefalonia with Angel author Jennifer & Creativity Coach Bernadette


Kefalonia seat

“See a part of Kefalonia tourists rarely see”

Experience the magic of this beautiful Greek Island where Creative Life Arts offers a space to breathe, rest, relax, recover, rediscover, rejuice and restore. In this magical place you will find time to rediscover your creative gifts, work through stumbling blocks and challenges, try out new things you’ve always been interested in and find creative inspiration for work, rest and play. It’s a sanctuary from a busy world and a place to find your authentic self. Re-discover and replenish your creative spirit, deepen your deepest dreams, share your wildest longings, and learn new ways to make real lasting and significant changes, to help you live a life you love.
Jennifer Lynch Amazon bestselling Amazon Author, Life Guidance Counsellor, Angelic Aura Reader and Holistic Therapist will be joining Writer/Artist & Creativity Coach Detta Darnell, for a very special one off group retreat this September. They will be hosting a wonderful week of Angels, Auras and Magical Memories. This lovely guided retreat will give you the chance to gently dip your toes into the waters of Psychic Development (as well as the impossibly clear blue waters of the Ionian sea!)



  • FEEL AND SENSE – through psychic and spiritual development – sensing energies, dowsing, angel cards, aura readings, crystals, runes and guided meditation.
  •  DISCOVER – the hidden love story surrounding an old very beautiful pre-earthquake house in the stunning Kefalonian mountains which holds many fascinating secrets.
  •  EXLORE – explore this beautiful island on some very special island tours, away from the tourist tracks, with the opportunity for a   further meanderings through ancient pine forests and a stunning national park to connect to tree energy and nature
  •  PEACE – Find peace and harmony through joining and working together in a small group,



  • CLEANSE – Swim and cleanse in the beautiful warm blue sea. Be at one with your inner goddess, guiding you to let go of old labels and emerge refreshed and recharged.
  • RELEASE – Learn about angels, auras, pendulums, rune stones and try out pastel aura drawing for your spirit guided messages. Find out how to access your psychic gifts through feelings, sightings, messages and intuitive awareness – tap into your true feelings and use play painting, journaling and to record your findings. Let go of anything that’s holding you back though making a beach labyrinth and despacho ceremony.
  • SUPPORT- Group creativity coaching to gain greater insight into where you are right now and where you’d like to be. Support from other members of this gorgeous little group and go home with a toolbox to help make your dreams more real.

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Car parks and Messages

Someone left a yellow post it note at Morrisons today -

thank you to the person who did because instead of OUT OF ORDER

It was quite in order to say:-

Follow your heart but don’t forget to use your brain …

I laughed and left it for the next person to see

He approached, read it and walked away bemused

so I asked him what he thought, he said that he only read half of it – which bit I wonder?

Later, an elderly man fell over right in front of me, I helped him up, he was badly shaken.  I was surprised by the amount of heart in Stowmarket today, a man came rushing to help and a lady went to order a taxis for the couple.

I’m quite proud to be part of a community that still cares – long may it continue.

I might leave some notes myself, reminders.


My interview with Tracy Fance, Clairvoyant Medium


I’m not sure how many of you listened to my fabulous show with Tracy Fance. We did change the time of the show and it was a little early to get people calling in which was a shame but it was still a fabulous show.

Discover Spirituality Internet Radio with Jennifer Lynch on BlogTalkRadio